Fly Attract Slow Release Fly Lure - 71650


Model Catalogue No.71650 Inc. GST.

Use Fly Attract with all models of bug zapper and trappers.

Scientific studies prove that tricosene attracts male house flies by mimicking female house fly hormones.

Fly attract is an odourless slow release lure. It is effective for up to 30 days upon opening the sealed plastic packaging pouch. It is supplied with its own plastic cage which quickly attaches to any bug zapper.



Attaches to the external area of your bug zapper.


  1. Remove the fly lure from the sealed plastic bag.
  2. Position the pad into the cage supplied in the pack.
  3. Attach the cage to the bug zapper.
  4. Lure will be effective for up to 30 days once opened.


All of our indoor and outdoor bug zappers are compatible with the fly lure including:

  • Yard Guard Bug Zappers
  • Yard Guard Traps such as Bug Vac
  • Stinger Bug Zappers such as Stinger 20W, Stinger 40W, Stinger Solar, Stinger Bug Sentinel
  • Bug Destroyer/ Bug Blaster
  • Coolabah 20 Watt
  • Secta Rid
  • SectaZap
  • Stinger Commercial Bug Zapper
  • Stinger Home Insect Control Station


Approval number: 85083/112253. Approved by the APVMA.